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Sudden Infant Death: Infant Death Caused By Maternal Amalgam

Medicine: Discussion   Contribution to the article Epidemiology, Etiology, Pathophysiology and Differential Diagnostics by Private lecturer Dr. med. Thomas Bajanowski and Professor Dr. med. Christian Poets in Volume 47/2004 A Canadian medical examiner published in 1989 that he had found 2000 ppm of mercury in the respiratory centers of the brain stems in two infant […]

Selenium irreversibly harms amalgam patients

To administer selenium to patients already suffering from amalgam poisoning is as devastating as pouring out a caustic solution over an acid hand burn in the hope that the neutralization would be the cure. Selenium continuously transforms amalgam metals into selenides which do not leave the body, but cross the blood-brain barrier, and irreversibly remain […]

Mercury reduction imposed by the German Federal Council (upper house of the German parliament)

Printed matter 149/94 (resolution) 04/09/1994
Resolution of the Federal Council on the prevention of the use of mercury

The Federal Council at its 668th meeting on April 29,1994, adopted the following resolution:

The Federal Council requests the German Federal Government to work towards further reducing the use of mercury in industrial and medical applications in the EU as well as on national level. In areas in which mercury is being absorbed by humans as a consequence of its use – it should be reduced to the minimum.

The Federal Council calls on the Federal Government to review limit values for mercury in administrative and legal formalities which are aimed for the protection of humankind and the environment.

Statement of reasons:
Mercury and almost all of its compounds are hazardous to humans and the environment – after absorption leading to chronic kidney diseases and irreversible nerve damages in humans. Moreover, mercury compounds are highly toxic to organisms in particular to aquatic organisms, and, are, therefore, assigned to water hazard classification 3.

Therefore, in numerous fields of application the use of mercury and its compounds has been declining or has already been banned.

It is prohibited to use mercury compounds for ships´paint, in seed dressing, for wood preservation, for the impregnation of industrial textiles, as well as for water treatment. The eco-label has already been in use for mercury-free batteries since 1987.

In other areas, such as dentistry, however, large amounts of mercury are still being administered in form of amalgam fillings as basic and regular care. Because of this practice, mercury enters the human organism as well as the environment. Amounts of about 1kg amalgam per year and dentist´s office add up to about 20 tons of amalgam adequate to 10 tons of mercury and year in the Federal Republic of Germany.

About half of the mercury burden of the general population is being caused by amalgam fillings.

Bans or limitations of the use of gamma-2-containing amalgams in certain demographic and risk groups (infants, patients with certain kidney disorders) have been inadequate measures.

The Federal Council holds the belief that because of preventive health and environment protection the use of mercury must be further reduced and suitable, mercury-free alternatives or methods must be developed.

Note 2011: Dental amalgam has not been banned in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Healing ADHS through inhaling DMPS

1. Case – patient report: Finally, I would like to write about something very beautiful. In September 1997, my brother´s son was born. We were all so happy about it. The little boy looked very healthy, but suddenly he would start screaming, and would not stop for 2 hours. It was scary. No one and […]

Removal of dental amalgam decreases autoantibodiesanti-TPO and anti-Tg autoantibodies in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis

Institute of Immunology and Microbiology, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University, and General Faculty Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic. <> OBJECTIVES: The impact of dental amalgam removal on the levels of anti- thyroid peroxidase(anti-TPO) and antithyroglobulin (anti-Tg) antibodies was studied in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis (AT) with and without mercury allergy. METHODS: Thirty-nine patients with AT were […]

Quecksilber im Darm Doktorarbeit Keim

  Ich verstehe die Texte logischerweise nur sehr bedingt, da ich ja kein Mediziner oder Biochemiker bin. Aber eines ist mir jetzt noch klarer als vorher: Darm und Gehirn arbeiten ganz eng zusammen. Der ganze Hokuspokus von wegen Darmsanierung usw. hat aber nur einen ganz beschränkten Sinn und Wert, vielleicht/bestimmt ist mancher Mittel-Einsatz sogar [b]äusserst […]

DMSA Ampulle effektiver gegen Virusgrippe als Tamiflu Bevorratung

Während Tamiflu frühestmöglich gegeben das erste Mal bei einer ernsten Virusgrippe, die gegenüber dem Vogelgrippevirus sensibilisiert, sofort lebensrettend wirkt, führt eine DMSA Ampulle zu einer bleibenden Giftbefreiung des früher einmal durch Amalgam ( Quecksilber, Zinn) vergifteten Immunsystems. Zudem ist bekannt, dass Tamiflu sich schon bei mutierten Viren als resistent erwiesen hatte. Da die Vogelgrippe wahrscheinlich […]

Dioxin als Terrorwaffe

Der Mordanschlag auf den ukrainischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten Viktor Juschtschenko zeigte der Weltöffentlichkeit deutlich, welche Gefahr Mordgifte in der Hand von Verbrechern sind. Als wir vor 25 Jahren warnten, dass Dioxinberge an 40 Standorten in der Bundesrepublik ohne Absperrung für Jedermann zugänglich wären, wurden wir als Spinner abgetan. In meinem „Handbuch der Umweltgifte“ ist ein Riesenberg reinen […]

Study finds hundreds of toxic chemicals in umbilical cords of newborns

By E. Galen                             7 December 2005 The umbilical cord is a baby’s lifeline, bringing nourishment from the mother and removing waste. The amniotic fluid bathes the growing embryo, and the umbilical cord brings the embryo oxygen, nutrients—and a startling array of toxic industrial chemicals, according to a recent study, “Body Burden: The Pollution in […]

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